Almost Famous

For a while my oldest son wanted to be in the movies. At the time I was working in Hollywood, and was somewhat connected to the business. He got an audition and did well, but didn’t get the part. You always wonder what things would be like if something like that happened.

Now, years later, I got a call from my youngest. We restored a 1967 Camaro for his High School Senior Year and he’s been working on it off and on for a few years. He needed to get rid of it to pay off some bills and was tired of the 4 MPG with gas prices so high.

He texted me the other day and told me a movie company had purchased it. Because it was in such good shape and because it was a real 1967 Camaro, they think it will become the “hero”. That’s the one that gets cleaned up and survives. They will crash a few of the cars they bought in the process. The guy told him that they were having a hard time finding 1967 models and had to buy a bunch of later models. Those can’t be the close up ones because they changed the windows in the second model year and it’s obvious.

The good thing? They told him that after the movie, they would sell it back to him for a discount on what they paid, so we may get it back all prettied up and famous. Finally I have a kid who will appear in the movies, now if I could only find a way to get a book promo tied into that film.

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